I connect with this singer, as I have connected with others over the years. Like Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, or Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.

He is decades away from their greatness, but hey, good luck to him!

There are forces of nature that draw us to things like music and people, but the force that draws us to people, within music (or anything), is a powerful one.

So push that big button, and spin your chair around!

If the video fails to load, click Here.

If the video fails to load, click Here.

Here's a current list of this Summers Gulf Shores participants:

 • My son Riley Bangert, his wife Jessica, and daughter Ariella, from Orting, WA.

 • My grand-daughter Shelby Hamilton will be running solo from either Washington DC, or Pensacola, FL.

 • My daughter Becky from the East Bay Area of California.

 • And of course, me.

It't going to be a week in mid-July, with my birthday, the 23rd, within it.

If Becky fly's into Nashville, I'll bring her down and back from here. If she fly's straight there, I'll have an empty seat down and back, and open to offers. :-)

If there are any other grandkids or family members that would love to get involved, hit me up!

I'm going to propose to the family members who are traveling to Pensacola, FL this Summer, that we create a to-do list. When someone finds an amazing thing on the Gulf Coast, put together some words and photos, send them to me, and I'll create a post for it.

For everyone else that follows this blog, you can learn new stuff!

I'll start it off. Out of the internet today came a Yelp link that showed the Top Eggs Benedict in every U.S. State (one of my most favorite meals).

For Alabama, Kittys Kafe in Gulf Shores had the nod, with their Eggs Benedict w/ Crab Cake.

You know the crab meat will be fresh out of the Gulf!

I drove by Crockett's Mill restaurant up in David Crockett park this morning around 0900 and they had a decent crowd. On Sundays they only serve breakfast from 0800 to 0945, so people can get to church afterwards.

Sunday is also an all you can eat buffet, and it's great. I thought about going but just wasn't up to doing it alone.

In August of 2018, Steph and I arrived here in Lawrenceburg, TN. I got my sweet little place and she moved in with her daughters family, as Grandma.

It took about a month for me to set up the house, get all of the services going, especially a great direct wired internet connection from a telephone pole.

I had the two great chairs and round table, from Idaho, my bed, my computers, dishes and basic stuff. After establishing everything, I headed to WalMart and bought a great TV for my office along with a huge 65 for the living room. I added my great sound bar to the big setup, and my space rocks.

Then, with the house ready, mainframe hooked up on my desk, Piper and I looking down on Shoal Creek, it was time to code!

My blogging platform back in Idaho for BusDriVerJim, was WordPress. That blog is finished and totally accessible. I was ready to start a new blog on a new platform.

And then I discovered Joomla. It's a developers platform and I developed what I think is a great personal blog for me, as a traveler and photographer. And I had a great time developing a bunch of internal stuff.

The first post to my newly created blog was on Sep 14, 2018, called Landed.

Why do I drink and smoke, when I really love being clean, sober and in great shape?

Why don't I do as I say? I blabber all over this blog about getting out on the road, yet both of those above lifestyles require localization. I'm still committed to Summer in Pensacola though, and I will be, how I will be!

Why have my duck friends split into two warring factions, while losing excitement daily about my quack cocaine?

Why am I still making the trip to the Park? I've only missed a few days, and there have been some days where I was completely stood up, by both groups.

Why do I continue to wonder if I will ever have a partner in my life again? I really should accept the reality that I'm way past that point.

Why don't I just post this?

Got my new keyboard hooked up! It took several hours to pull the laptop apart, rip the old keyboard out and hard wire the new one in. Then I had to write a new driver to map the keys!

Ok, just kidding, I plugged the USB cable in and they both worked fine together :-)

I went to the hardware store and bought some Silicone Glue then mounted my new Something Good message on my truck canopy rear window. The original glue was no good, and I had a heck of a time spreading it around, but it's ok.

All my neighbors are gone and I have this dead end street to myself today!

Typing words on my phone to send to my blog. Laptop keyboard down. My greetings to the world!

Watching world famous highways on YouTube with D, we knew it was going to end with Hwy One down the Pacific Coast.

I have traveled that road many times, between driving exotic sports cars, to hitchhiking with a backpack.

I remember life events that occurred on that road, and they will die with me.

I was telling Daniel that I wish I had a road partner, someone to take care of logistics, while I created the adventure!

Had that with Brian last summer, haven't heard from him since...

I texted my few friends and family last night that I had spilled my drink on my tablet.I mis-spoke, it was my laptop. Surprisingly, it still works, but a third of the keys got fried and their typing out garbage.

So, I bought a USB keyboard from Amazon and it will be here tomorrow. I'm writing this post from my desktop and I researched my next step, which involves using the Device Manager in Windows 11 to Uninstall the keyboard and then use Device Installation Settings to remove it permanently.

I wish I could say the dog bumped my arm, I wish I could say the cat jumped up on the table and hit my cup. But I cannot. I'm really lucky to still have a working laptop, and if I spill anything on the new keyboard, hell it's only $16.

Gee, what stupid thing will I do next?

I only have a few domains left, and they all have active code on them. One site that I've maintained is called Jimazon and it processes the Flickr Photo site.

Flickr has been around for a long time and it's where I store my Photo Sets, for a charge of about $60 a year. Jimazon is also capable of showing Trending and Recent photos across the huge Flickr database.

I just got an email from Flickr telling all of it's developers that as of April their API (Application Program Interface) now requires a “User-Agent” header. Yea, Huh?, that's what I said.

So I went to ChatGPT and asked the wise entity in the sky how to do it. It showed me nicely, with a code example, then I loaded up the twelve Jimazon PHP functions that access the Flickr API, and added two lines of code to each one. The $user_agent variable is simply "Jimazon", followed by the name of the function.

For example: $user_agent = "Jimazon/getphotos";.

Then I dropped down to the Curl code that grabs the data off the Flickr servers and added a USERAGENT option which looks like this:

function curl_get($URL) {

$tout = 5000;

$c = curl_init();

curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);

curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_URL, $URL);

curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT,$tout);

curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_USERAGENT, $user_agent);

$contents = curl_exec($c);


if ($contents) return $contents;

else return FALSE;


I'm going to make the code changes now, assuming that the addition of a USERAGENT will not break Flickrs API before they implement the requirement, and work just fine after they do.

I really hope Flickr had a good reason to do this, because looking at their developers board, many folks are confused and pissed. I'm putting this post on that board and I'm hoping the Flickr engineers will tell me if this is right, or wrong...

Update: It's a good thing I have no life (although I did my laundry this morning). Flickr faced too much outrage over this addition and they have changed their mind, no USERAGENT required :-) Oh well, it was fun to challenge my brain and succeed.

I fixed my app, per their requirements, in a couple of hours. Not everyone was capable of doing that, apperently.