I dove down deep this morning and modularized some critical components in my app as a function of implementing paging. It worked great then I drove to the dermaguy who sliced a squamous from my scalp. First real day in the Soaring Twenties!

New Years Day is the ultimate manifestation of corporate greed, one more day to soak the economy, and half the working force of America is wondering why they're not at work. The holiday life tradition family mumbo jumbo 2020 song is being forced into our minds through our electronic media. Thank god my footprint is small with consumption under my thumb, shaky as it is.

Since celebrating the transition between years as a holiday is true then decade changes should qualify as bonus which means everyone should be off tomorrow also. Hell, might as well take Friday off...

I love New Years, been hunkering down and laying low on the Eve though lately. My resolutions have been spectacular over the decades and I'm sure I must have achieved some of them, just wish I could remember.

I'm an old numbers guy and 2020 feels good to me so let's rock on, enjoy every breath and smile!

No, she didn't go anywhere, the poor baby has pain in her back. I took her to the Vet and he eliminated the possibility of tumors with an x-ray and said she's just old and fat with arthritis. He got a pained look on his face and suggested weight loss but I told him that's like telling your fat old grandma sitting in her rocking chair she needs to drop a hundred pounds. He laughed and agreed.

I have pain medicine for her but I have to pour it on treats to get it in her. The least I can do now is just let her lay on my pillow, and love her.

Her spot is the edge of the bed but she moves in and takes over the pillow when she can.

This is as real as I get.

This is as real as my brother gets.

This guy is really at peace with himself and probably stoned on something. My hero, so I sent my new magnifier over to check out his head gear.

I've seen this look before in my travels, a person resigned to their place in life and ok with it. Or maybe he's some famous holy guy that millions worship, hell I don't know I just grabbed it off Flickr to test my zoom anyway which grabs a larger version of the photo in the background and serves it up under the glass.

I am with you brother Vincent though we paint with different strokes. In your soul you knew you were creating great beauty yet your heart cried out for acceptance by your peers and awe from the public. It's just a human thing, talk to you soon...

My Place tool is becoming quite popular (200k hits). I wrote this app less than a year ago as part of the development of the Blog. Like the other tools it's written in html php and javascript running right inside the blog post. Yep.

I revisited and tweaked it this morning to include my map program OMJMaps into the bottom mix of services. The Place app is great code, I was on a roll back then.

The beauty of Place is that it's self-regenerative, it morphs back into what it was when you return to it. Click the image above to go there...

The best christmas presents are the ones you give yourself. I've been chasing some incredibly complex code the last couple of days, knowing what I wanted to achieve but the technical roadblocks were huge. I have learned to never give up on these things because I always succeed, eventually. This morning it all came together and I smiled broadly and said merry christmas to myself.

Then I had Road Killamale, venison style, for dinner:

...and Banana Brogurt for desert.

Fresh made from the deep south :-)

When I was about seven I lived in a very small town on the side of a mountain between Reno and Truckee. That christmas eve we had a blinding snowstorm and my stepdad was stopped by the CHP down the road in his commercial truck trying to get home from a road trip and they told him he would have to walk. He loaded up the presents he had to a toboggan (gift) and dragged it miles through the snow in the dark to our house in time for christmas. It's been downhill from there.

As I sit in a small house on a dead-end street with nobody around, it's quiet and peaceful. Tonight, Xmas tomato for dinner. I'm content, and what's in your wallet?