As my health declines and my body wears out, I am faced with a serious decision. I moved here four years ago and have since put a pretty good dent in my savings. Two Caribbean cruises, a trip to Caye Caulker island off Belize, multiple long road trips, just living life to the fullest.

Now, I have to decide if I want to back off and extend my existence out as long as I can, or just go for it and live, and ideally die just before I go broke.

I suppose if I hunkered down, did nothing but live a minimal existence on my Social Security, dipping into my remaining savings only when absolutely necessary, I could last into my eighties. But what if my body don't make it? Life wasted!

It's a tough choice...

Friday, 10/28/2022

 • 0800: Call the local voter registration office to see if I need a card to actually vote on Nov 8. I voted in 2020 and I have an ID number, but never got a card. ✔

 • 0900: Drive out to the new voting location just to make sure I know where it is. ✔

 • 0930: Feed my ducks. ✔

 • 1000: Pick up a bag of lemons at Cash Saver for my morning hot drink. ✔

 • 1100: Get a couple carnitas tacos from the taco truck. ✔

 • 1200: Put some cash on my local debit card, thinking about getting some tires for my truck. Also get forty one dollar bills in case I'm here and I get trick or treaters. 𐄂

 • 1230: Pay my rent early. ✔

 • 1300: Head to the Wishy Washy and do my laundry. 𐄂

 • 1400: Check around town for tire options. 𐄂


I normally do my laundry around 0600, so I'll stick to that schedule next week. And, I'm rethinking cash out of my stash, so holding off on tires for the moment.

I was watching a NetFlix documentary last night called Expedition Happiness (highly recommend) and the young couple were eating street tacos in the heart of Mexico. It brought back great memories so I knew I had to have the old Mexican lady working the food truck, make me a couple carnitas (pork) tacos today. Ummm...

btw: I have been to Mexico at least six times, including a drive out of Texas, through the heart of the country, a ferry across the Sea of Cortez, and back up the Baja Peninsula.

The offical count is seven ducks and one goose, and I'm starting to name them.

I think I understand the chemistry I have with my ducks, they have no teeth. Today when I drove up they recognized my truck and came running, and swooped in on me when I sat down. There are about eight of them, plus one goose.

The feeding was frantic, they were really hungry and often they would miss the seeds in the palm of my hand, and put my fingers in their mouth. It doesn't hurt and I just keep on moving from duck to duck.

The morning was chilly so I'm assuming they need these seeds to burn calories. I have approval from park ranger Rachel to do this, so I guess I'll keep it going as long as I can this Fall and Winter. I can get a 35lb bag of wild bird food from Tractor Supply for about $15, so it ain't going to break me.

I'll grab some more video tomorrow.

I heard a great line on General Hospital today; You're either ripping his clothes off, or ripping his heart out. I like it. Why am I watching GH? Because I used to be a soap opera junky, that's why.

The same characters that used to be on the show decades ago, are still on. The amount of plastic surgery they have had to go through to keep their characters look, is stunning. And the younger guys are all scruffed and wearing lipstick.

I can't believe this show is still on.

btw: The mask is Daniels, he just bought it off Amazon, for some strange reason...

As I was texting with my daughter Becky last night, I proposed meeting up at Skoge and Grants house in Sacramento. She said, Sherry? I said yea!

It made me realize that in the fifty one years that Skoge and I have been friends, Becky was in her life a lot down in California.

The three of us even lived together for a while in a great house out on Bethel Island. That was the place where the Mindset PC clone company flew a helicopter up from the south bay to replace the pre-production computer I was writing graphics software for, because the one I had, was dead. That was around 1983, it landed in the field right next to our house, and it was surreal.

I had lunch with Crissinda at Omega's up in Columbia today. She was all decked out in her parole officer uniform, packing a handgun on her hip, and she looked great.

We got all caught up over some good food, then I went and met with my neurologist. I've been saying I have Parkinsons for some time now, but she's not sure about that. She did some tests, watched me walk, and thinks at this point it's something called Essential Tremor. Then she bumped my dosage up for the drug I've been taking to manage it.

Then my daughter Becky texted me. I have been out of touch with her for forty years. She sounded great, upbeat, and said she would love to see me. We will text more this evening. To any of my grand-children that helped make this happen, thank you, and stay tuned.

Things I Don't:

Gamble, invest or donate. Eat steak, bacon, chicken, pizza, candy or ice cream. Drink sodas, milk or power drinks. Smoke cigarettes, have sex, exercise or take long walks. Go to church, libraries, theaters or senior centers. Kill animals, mow lawns, or play games. Have a partner, or good health.

This was an interesting exercise, I suggest you give it a try.

Daniel and I were taking guns apart this afternoon, and fortunately, neither one of us was shot.

The park workers called me the Duck Whisperer today as I fed my buddies. I like it. I actually managed to pet the one little aggressive guy with the white fluffy thing on his head. He freaked at first, probably never had a human hand touch his back before, but he quickly returned to my hand. These are wild birds that I watch run from people, but they recognize and like me. I like being liked.

I've had a busy day today, on top of feeding my ducks. I ate at the breakfast buffet in the Square and I don't plan on eating for the rest of the day. I bought ice, and I'm currently taking advantage of my pricey NetFlix plan. And hell, it's not even noon!