I finally figured out why I tumbled down the stairs the other night. Back home in my little house, the right side of my bed is up against a wall, as is the foot of the bed. I am totally conditioned after five years to getting out of bed on the left side.

My bathroom is just a few steps away and I can get there in the dark. As it turns out, the steps are in the exact position my bathroom door is. So, I got up to go pee in the darkness, stepped out into empty space, and tumbled down two flights of stairs.

I'm really lucky I didn't do more damage to my old body, other than a few scrapes and a sore arm. The pool helped me regain mobility, and I'm back! Shelby barricaded the steps with an end table before we went to bed last night.

Today we're having brunch with the kids and them I'm getting Shelby to the airport. Other than stairs pretending to be a bathroom, it's been a great adventure.

Shelby and I walked over to the popular Nashville breakfast spot down the street this morning. It was a beautiful morning and we sat outside for thirty minutes before being seated. The food was great, and we didn't have to cook it ourselves.

Then we headed up to Riley and Jess's condo, jumped into their ride, and went to the Zoo. The day was heating up into the nineties as we started seeing the animals. R E Ella was riding along in a stroller with a canopy, and she had a ball. What an amazing little almost two year old she is, we bonded finally, I am Popa.

I have so many amazing pictures of everything the last few days, on my phone, on my Sony camera, and my DJI Pocket 2, I'll wait until I get home tomorrow evening to process them.

We worked up a great sweat walking the Zoo, and couldn't wait to get back to their condo and jump in the pool. I finally bonded for real with R E Ella, she was in a floaty thing that I pushed around the pool from behind, kicking her legs. She would turn around and look at me, and call me Papa!

We then went and had Mexican food, and my favorite grand-daughter Shelby and I drove home. We proceed to play cards and talk about life. We talked about her love life, honestly, and I think this FBI guy could be a keeper. Shelby is the hottest catch on the East Coast! I really love her!

Tomorrow we hook up with the kids one last time for brunch, and then I drive her to the airport. Her friend, who has been blowing up her phone, is going to pick her up at the airport.

Hmmm... Stay tuned.

Ok, my beautiful grand-daughter Shelby and I have made it back to our BNB, via UBER from downtown. What an amazing day!

We started out looking for a place to have breakfast, which led us to a place that was booked 45 minutes out, so we moved on to the next. As we pulled into the parking lot, a Tesla began backing up into us, and he banged into my front end. We both stepped out and he wanted to give me his insurance info.

I declined, my steel front bumper was bent in a bit, but my genius auto body son said, his Tesla back end took the worst.

We went on to have an interesting day. The next place we found was cool. I wanted eggs over easy, hash browns and toast. They brought out two eggs in a container, hash browns in a bowl, and said cook it yourself! They even brought out pancake mix for Shelby's breakfast. The griddle was right in front of us, and thank god Shelby was willing to cook, other wise I would have told them to go to hell.

Then we hooked up with Riley, Jess and the baby and we toured the Grand Old Opry. That was fun and then we had lunch at the Aquarium. Fish swimming around while we ate fish.

Shelby had a surprise waiting for us downtown. A couple we had met on the Christmas cruise ship a couple of years ago were in a hopping downtown bar, and we hooked up. They had some friends along and we partied into the night. Riley and family smartly went back to their condo

Then we Ubered back to our BNB. My truck is still at Riley and Jess's condo.

Shelby and I played cards, and then we went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I got up and I fell. I'm siting here writing this with a banged up leg and a sore arm.

I have a ton of content sitting on my phone, my Sony, and my DJI pocket 2, I'm just not capable of putting it out there yet.

I think the zoo is next...

Here's another video from last night in Nashville.

If the video fails to load, click Here.

Spent this Friday evening hanging out with my two year old grand-daughter and my thirty one year old grand-daughter Shelby, along with my boy Riley and wife Jessica, at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville.

If the video fails to load, click Here.

A friend of mine used to go by "SwanNeck From TangledBranch". It's also really hard to rob a CBD shop in Nashville when you have to use one hand to hold your pants up. Just sayin...

The kids have landed, heading to their BNB. Hudson's sister Olivia has arrived to clean my floors. Playing Miley Ctyrus on the big screen. BBQ, slaw and baked beans ready to be grabbed tomorrow. Rick's potato salad is sitting in the icebox.

Life is good!

My young buddy Hudson follows my blog and knows I've had an issue with that no-show cleaning lady. So he texted me today and said that one of his older sisters cleans houses!

She called me today and we set up an appointment for tomorrow at 1600. I've cleaned my counter tops pretty good, just wasn't looking forward to the floors.

You have to admire a young lady who works her day job, and cleans houses after. Yet knowing Hudson, and his ambitions, I'm not surprised by the same cloth.

Daniel and I just bought the gas to kill the yellow-jackets. So, family coming down Friday afternoon, do my laundry at the Wishy Washy that morning, floors cleaned, grab the BBQ down in Loretto, and this vacation is on!

Today is me friend Daniels 56th birthday. To celebrate, we drove over to Pulaski, picked up a gas cap for his Explorer at the Ford dealer, and bopped around Home Depot.

Then we stopped at Legends for lunch and drinks. Had a beautiful bartender, great food and a good time, I bought.

I called the Beauty College here in town and put us both down for haircuts with Erica at 1330. She's amazing, trims everything, on our heads. The cut is seven bucks but we both tip her ten.

This morning, I had a black bucket sitting out in my yard, and it got attacked by yellow jackets. Apparently, they felt threatened by it, and Daniel showed me their nest in the flower bed. I kicked the bucket into the yard, and then they attacked me. I escaped into the house and a bunch followed, killed them all, got bit in a few places. Pouring gasoline down the nest later...

Daniel is telling me that we have to wait until dark, when they're all back in the nest. If you start pouring gas down the hole, and one escapes, it emits a scent and all of the bees out there will come back in attack mode.

Damn, next thing you know he's going to get me to eat a Fried Bologna Sandwich!

I need to keep my cool, sometimes I don't, but it's not long lasting. I have to keep reminding myself to not over react, because I always regret it when I do.

I'm surrounded by Leos. My neighbor Drew and I have the same birthday, July 23, the first day of Leo, on the cusp with Cancer. Daniel's is tomorrow, the 16th and Masseys is Saturday, the 21st.

I bought $28 worth of cleaning supplies from Walmart this morning and I already have my sinks and counter tops done. I have a new mop with some floor cleaner and I'll do the kitchen and bathroom floors tomorrow.

Done deal. I'll accept family into my home with pride! I really wanted to pass this over to a pro, but she wasn't available, apparently...

Meanwhile, here's a shot Massey took of Shoal Creek, that Tammy tweaked. I like it!

I was really upset yesterday after getting stood up for the second time by the cleaning lady. I think this is my biggest pet peeve, folks not doing what they say their going to do, and then lack the decency to let you know they're not.

Anyway, it felt good to vent, but I took that post down. And, I'm not going to diss her on FB. I'm just buying a mop today and moving on. Also, if the Covid stuff was real, I don't want her in my house anyway.

Need to get my positive vibe back on, family will be here shortly and the weather is going to be beautiful! Elizabeth asked if I could be on tube driver standby next Saturday, but I'll be in Nashville!