I'm heading up to Columbia next Monday for an afternoon visit with my neurologist. Before that, I'm meeting my friend Crissinda for lunch at Omega's, a hole in the wall diner, that has some amazing reviews.

Crissinda is a parole officer up there and I'm trying to figure out a petty crime that would get me on her list (just kidding :-)

I told her to pick anyplace in town, and she chose this one. So Monday looks great, meet my sweet friend, have some great southern cooking, and chat with my Parkinson's doctor, Amanda.

Hmmm, for an old sorry ass, I'm still able to connect with smart women.

I was reading today that over 1100 towns and villages in Ukraine will not have heat this winter, and probably very little food. Where the hell do I get off bitching about my life?

I have a roof, gas heat, and food. If I wanted to spend a week or two in Cancun, I could in a heartbeat.

My truck is still running great, but I wouldn't submit it to a high mileage trip. As long as it gets me to the park to feed my ducks, to Krogers for supplies, and the liquor store is only two blocks away, I can survive the upcoming winter, once again.

I was eating breakfast at Pat's Cafe this morning and overheard the locals complaining about the 20 degree temps. I thought about living at 6500 feet at the base of the Grand Tetons in Idaho four years ago, heading to my bus driving job, at forty below. That's -40 folks, these people would absolutely lose their minds.

Everything is relative, my friends.

I shared a catfish dinner in a church last night with two lovely ladies and a pretty eight year old girl, who is into karate.

I fed my duck buddies again, calling them from their hangout at the dock by shaking my bag of wild bird seed, to the amazement of onlookers.

I thought I had left one of my debit cards at the liquor store, but they didn't have it, so I assumed someone palmed it off the counter. Called my bank in Idaho, shut it down and ordered a new one. Found it in a shirt pocket an hour later.

My brain is going South while my health is going East, dropping into the Atlantic.

I put a foolish ad on some Facebook marketplaces, offering myself up to any local woman who would want to hang out with my sorry ass. Took it down later and shutdown my FB account.

Now I'm hunkered down in my little house, trying to stay warm during a Tennessee cold front.

How was your day?

Some would say I need to get a life, but probably not. I do things, I wash my dishes and make my bed every day. I watch TikTok in the morning, NetFlix in the afternoon and feed my buddies in the park at noon.

There are some things I haven't been doing lately, like sweeping the leaves off my living room floor that have blown in during the day. I want my chipmunks to feel comfortable when they come in for peanuts. Also, I haven't been eating out in the company of other people, way over-rated, I think.

I keep telling myself I need to take a road trip, but the road isn't calling me and my internal GPS is broken. I've also tried to stop blogging lately, but that aint workin.

I made it out to the New Prospect Fire Department fish fry yesterday, it's their annual fund raiser and I know I was there last year, and maybe the year before. For $15 you get a plate with a lot of home cooked catfish, hushpuppies, fries, slaw, white beans, a drink and dessert. Delicious.

Next Tuesday the famous Swamp Johns food truck out of Florence, AL is doing a fish fry at a church up on Springer Road. I'll be there. I have determined the best thing about living in the South, maybe the only thing, is the catfish.

I got a document in the mail today from the outfit down in Texas that throws a gas royalty check my way, once in a while.

It was looking for in-depth information about my brother, who died earlier this year. I think they were trying to transfer his royalties to his next of kin, but I know nothing at this point.

I emailed his last wife when I found out he had died, but I never heard back. I assume she is also gone.

How sad that families can become so detached. I can't even name all of my grandkids, much less their kids.

Maybe one day a relative of mine will receive the same letter.

My first boss in the para-transit business was a guy named Lloyd Hooley. I drove up to HopeLink in Bellevue, WA from Kent one afternoon in the early nineties, armed with just my printed driving record.

Meeting Lloyd was a shock as he was a burn victim, but we hit it off and I ended up driving for him, and Hopelink, for years.

We also became friends and he told me the story of how he got burned. He was a California State Highway Patrol trooper down in the Bay Area. He and his partner had pulled a car over on one of the narrow two lane bridges in the southern bay.

They were both sitting in their vehicle, lights flashing, when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver. It burst into flames, Lloyd managed to dive over the bridge, on fire, down into the bay. His partner died.

Lloyd eventually married one of my fellow drivers, can't remember her name but she was a sweety. I went to work for ATC VanCom down in Kent, the largest paratransit outfit on the West Coast, and moved on.

Here's to you buddy, I hope your life went well!

Update: I've been thinking about Lloyd all day since writing this post. I got my commercial license with HopeLink, he was my mentor. I quit smoking by walking three miles to work every morning at 0300. He would drive by and offer me a lift in the morning, I never took him up on it, even in the snow.

I went on to become the first Employee of the Year for ATC Vancom and eventually the lead supervisor. I trained eight new supervisors during that run. I owe everything to Lloyd!

This is my bed. The larger blanket belonged to my grandmother and it kept me pretty warm last night as the temps start to drop. Today I put that colorful thing on top just to cut the edge. It was crocheted by my grandmother.

I hope they somehow continue in the family when I'm gone. (these are your great-great grandmothers blankets, grandkids...)

Update: Shelby just claimed them!

I took some of my wild bird seed up to the park today and fed the ducks, right out of my hand.

Here's another video: More Feeding.

I was chatting with a stranger at a restaurant today about keys, and I told him I only had four. Then he walked me over to his work vehicle and showed me his key collection. He said he uses all of them.

I drove along Hwy 20 in Summertown, TN during their annual yard sale today. I didn't stop because I don't need anymore possessions, got too many as it is.