Dear Son,

I know you're an old man now, you outlived me, but sometimes I want to just rest your head in my bosom and rub your temples. You could talk to me about life, about anything.

I know it's been one hell of a ride for you, I did my best to provide for, and love you. But I was a single mom with two boys when Gene left for Texas.

Paul was a provider, not a good dad, but at least he stuck through it. Thanks Paul, I loved you!

So now here you are on a deadend street in Southern Tennessee with no life. It's OK, keep on living, keep on writing, keep on loving!

Please know that you will be with me soon.

Love, Mom

Today is my grand-daughters Shannon and Heather's 25th birthday. I had a wonderful time down in Atlanta getting to know Shannon, but I've yet to meet Heather. Happy birthday girls! Grandpa loves you!

Here's the video of Shelby and Shannon at her home.

I'm sitting here thinking about love, and crying. It is the most powerful force in our world.

Love between people, love for family and friends. Love of an idea or passion.

Our Earth contains trillions of animals and other entities that experience love among themselves, and sometimes it spills out to us.

My little groundhog babies loved their momma.

Love can be a lifelong thing or a short moment. We can be born in a mothers womb, and die in her arms. Or fall in love with someone, only to lose them.

With me, the love remains. With every person, animal, and passion I have ever loved. I have no hate!

Losing returned love hurts, it is the biggest loss, especially when you continue to love them.

Steph's grand-daughters and I were forming a loving bond when I moved here. It's been gone for a while now, but I still love them all.

Here's some love for you:

I need a day off, from myself. A day where I do something spontaneous and different than the pabulum of my life.

I want to turn my creativity into adventure. I want to put my foot where my mouth is, right over the gas pedal of my truck.

There's always something. Like I'm waiting for my new ear and nose trimmer to arrive today. Clean those old man things up, then get a haircut and a shave at the Beauty College tomorrow.

My boy and his family are arriving in Nashville in eighteen days. Maybe Shelby! I need to look good.

Ooops, the mailman just dropped my trimmer off at my neighbors, time to go play porch pirate, and Daniel's slow cookin some ribs, talk to you later...

What goes around, comes back around. I had ten clothes hangers stolen from the Wishy Washy a few days ago, so I went to Walmart this morning to replace them.

I found a ten pack of nice plastic ones, with no price, so I figured what the hell, and scanned them at the self checkout. They came up as $.50 for the whole pack, plus $.05 tax.

I figured this was a mistake and I didn't want to mess up my karma by ripping off Walmart, so I called the lady over. She scanned it with her phone, smiled and said, yep, $.50. Best Walmart deal I ever made.

I was looking on Amazon the other day and ten packs were running $18 and up. These were $05.5 cents a piece. Thank you Karma God!

Then my homeless friend Kip dropped by. Said he's been mowing lawns and needs gas money for his mover. I reminded him that he's into me for $40 already.

Then he showed me a necklace which he claims is gold, that he found. I gave him $40 for it and I'll take it to the gold shop tomorrow for appraisal.

I'm trying to help the guy get back on his feet, if money for gas is what he needs, I'm there. But if this turns out to not be gold, then this door is shut.

If it is, I'll have it sanitized, then give it to Madeline.

Massey and Hudson's Tube bus stopped in front of Jim's Animal Control Center today, to report a dying groundhog down by the drop. They wanted to know if I could put him out of his misery with a 22.

I grabbed Daniel and we headed down there with his 38 carry. Turns out our little friend was dead, probably run over. Fortunatly, Daniel didn't have to use his weapon.

We've watched these groundhogs raise their families here, over the last five years, and this is a sad loss.

I took my pathetic shovel down to try and dig a burial spot right next to him/her, it was worthless. We need a burial party here, bring digging tools!

We have a local flock of vultures that will descend on our groundhog shortly, and the tubers will have quite a show tomorrow if we don't bury soon.

Update: I just learned what happened. The groundhog ran underneath Massey's bus trailer. What the hell was he/she doing running across the road in the middle of the day? Heading home to the hole in my backyard after a morning on the other side of the creek, I suppose...

Shit happens, we all die sometime. RIP my little friend.

Piper would sit on my desk for hours while I wrote code, watching the groundhogs below my window.

Update: Nobody showed up so I borrowed Daniels good shovel and buried my groundhog friend.

The current delay to get a Passport in this country is four months, and folks are having to cancel planned Summer trips because of it.

I got my Passport when I first moved here to Tennessee, and have used it many times since. I've been triple vaxed and caught Omicron on a cruise boat two Christmas's ago.

I've gone to a lot of places with that Passport, and if I wanted to go anywhere in this world, I could. But I have no desire to do so at the moment.

Maybe an All-Inclusive, with a bunch of hot-tubs, in Mexico after this Summer...

Mystery woman, you up?

I went shopping this morning, and used that great little app I wrote called It stands for Things I Want At The Store.

If you have not used this yet, stop what you're doing right now, and launch this baby. Enter as many stores as you want, and add items to each of them.

I walk around the house deciding what I need, and what store to buy them from. If you click on a Store, it goes there. If you click on an Item, it goes to that Item within that Store!

Then shut it down. It uses Local Storage, so the next time you launch it, your list is there. As you put an item into your shopping cart, delete it from your list.

It's a powerful and simple way to handle your shopping. Hell, I have a hard time figuring which direction to turn onto the highway, much less the List of things I need at True Value, Krogers, Tractor Supply and Walmart.

Click on the image below, and start your own lists! It won't cost you a dime, never will!

I read a lot of stuff online, usually pushed at me via email. I disregard 90% of the writings because I don't like the style, or the flow.

When I write a blog post, I want to entertain, and make a point. I've been blogging now for over fifteen years, and when I look back at all those posts, I realize I've held that position throughout.

I love to write, and share my positions, feelings, and my personal reality, with the world. I created two large blogging platforms that allowed me to do so.

Sometimes, I get a couple too many in, and then get down. I discuss personal stuff, that should never have left my fingers. Then send notifications to friends and family saying Read This! If they're fortunate, they won't read the text until after I've trashed it.

So, this is my story, I will write until I can't. If any future historian decides to resurect my blogs as a glimpse into this period, with places I've seen, and things that I've done, thank you!

The spot overlooking Shoal Creek, directly behind my house, is about 150 yards down stream from where our tubers put in. Fifty yards up stream is where they first bottom out.

Small people can sometimes push themselves over the rocks, but most folks get out and walk down to my location where the water deepens, and then they get back into their tubes.

Pushing yourself backwards into a large tube in the middle of a big creek is not a skill that many have mastered. I have seen some epic fails as the tube flips over backward and the rider face plants completely into the creek.

All of the stuff they were trying to carry goes everywhere, with friends or family scrambling to catch everything as it floats by. Very entertaining!

Daniel claims I walk down there to watch hot women in bikinis float by, but that's a reward, not the purpose.