I flipped the coin of life high into the Montana air yesterday and as it rotated around in the cosmic cloud it was strongly nudged West by an invite to my sons house on Friday for a couple of days.

I'm currently in Missoula Montana, one of my favorite places. Tomorrow I'm heading down to the Dalles with a drive up to Rileys the next day. And the road trip rocks on...

As I rolled out of Lava this morning immediate decisions had to be made. South on I-15 and every steamy hot thing that move would require, or swing North to the sanctuary of the open sky. Well, I'm currently in Butte, MT. so there you go. My gut said North and here I am.

Butte's a good town, had more than one good time here. But today I'm simply hanging low and recharging my inner self while at the crossroads of my life.

Had a fine time with the kids last night at Lava Hot Springs. Idaho was a breath of fresh air after the absurd, grungy, insultive mask down your throat bullshit of Colorado. The first thing you see when you drive into that state is a freeway sign saying Masks are required in all public places.

Bonded with Brian's new lady Nadia and re-established that bond I have with my nephew and friend, Brian.

I walked around town this morning waiting for the Wagon Wheel to open for coffee and grabbed some Tube shots. Sure glad I ain't slingin tubes today. In fact, why am I surrounded by tubes anyway? What is life trying to tell me?

Landed in Lava LaLa Land this afternoon. Secured my camp for two nights, took a long soak across the street and now back. My camp spot is still the most bad-ass spot in town and a large hill behind me has my back.

I visited Maggie on the Farm when I hit Colorado Springs this morning. What a zoo, masks everywhere and traffic I would not deal with.

I'm remembering fondly where I live and currently relaxing in a nice little motel room in Castle Rock, CO.

So where am I really at, I might ask? Good, happy as shit, stoned, a little drunk on warm water, vodka and no ice, and really glad to be alive!

I got up at midnight and drove twelve solid hours to Kansas. I'm hunkered down in a great little rest area 7 hours out of Colorado Springs using my phone as a hotspot to get this post out.

I called the motel at Lava Hot springs and changed my reservation from a room to my favorite little camping spot behind their property up on the hill. Brian and his lady can then bring some chairs up from their motel nearby and hang out. This aint my first hot springs rodeo ya know...

I've got an itinerary, for the next few days at least. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and driving to Wichita, KS. Saturday I drive to Colorado Springs, CO and Sunday on to Rock Springs, WY. Lava Hot Springs is just a 3 hour drive and I will meet Brian (and perhaps his new lady friend) there around 0900. I have a room booked at my old favorite motel and Brian will setup his own. A fine day at Lava is in store and Tuesday they will head back to Jackson and I will continue West.

The reason my little travel truck is alive and purring like a kitten is because I pulled all of the emission control crap off the engine and replaced it with a Weber carb and a header. In the process I lost cruise control.

Keeping my foot on the pedal all of the time is exhausting on long trips and I'm taking off shortly on my longest. I needed to find a solution and I did. It's called a throttle depressor and I love it. Once I get to my desired speed on the open road I put the tip down on the throttle, press the lever to release the holder and slide it till it fits the edge of my seat and bingo!

So how did I spend my birthday morning? I did my laundry down at the Wishy Washy. While I was there I read a Forbes magazine article that stated 1.5 million children under the age of five die every year around the world from malnutrition. Compare that to the number of deaths from Covid worldwide as of today. Wait for it... 631,238.

Draw your own conclusions.