I put a bunch of the few remaining domain names I own, up for sale today. They all have code on them, i.e. functional websites, but none of them have stuck up against the internet wall, instead sliding down into a puddle on the floor.

I will eventually have just four websites: my two blogs, along with RouteQue and Jimazon. I'm keeping those last two because I use them and like them.

And then I'm done. It's been quite a programming adventure for 53 years. I still have my mainframe back in the office/bedroom, but I never turn it on anymore, just using my laptop here at the table.

My Will is specific: grand-daughter Shelby gets my computers, Riley gets my truck and stash, Jessica gets my phone and watch, Daniel gets my furniture, Crissinda gets my TV's and Brian gets my cameras. There are still a few things left around so if you're interested, drop on by when I'm gone.

I stated in the Will that I wanted to get buried but I may just buy one of those local cremation packages for a grand and call it done. When you're gone from the body it don't matter what happens to it.

Gee, what an uplifting post this is! I'm just facing reality and who knows, I may outlive everyone, but I don't think so...

Our new Animal Shelter opens here in Lawrenceburg, TN in about two or three weeks. I just got off the phone with the two ladies that run it, and have officially offered my services as a volunteer dog walker.

Their location is right along the back road I've been driving all Summer to work, about four minutes away.

I told them about having to put Piper down, that I love animals, but I'm just not ready to commit to another pet. They truly seemed excited about my wanting to volunteer, and now I'll just wait to hear from them.

This could be amazing!

btw, here's my previous two interactions with them:

Rescue Pup

Kitty Karma

The weather in Tennessee has been great since I got back from the Pacific Northwest, beautiful clear skies, perfect temps. I grabbed a little footage up at David Crockett Park today:

I grabbed some cute shots of birds up in David Crockett park today.

I had to make a really hard choice today about my two blogs, and all of my websites.

I've really been in rollback mode lately, writing a post in the afternoon and then waking up the next day, reading it, and sending it to the trash.

The worst part of that is that I sent the post link to my small band of followers, you know who you are, and now it points to dead air.

Today I got the yearly bill from my hosting outfit, IONOS, and it was using a debit card I had to take down recently. I could have bailed on all of this website stuff by just doing nothing. Within a few days, everything would have died.

I chose to keep things alive. I hooked up with a great company rep on the phone and we installed a new card, with an updated address.

I was telling the guy how I ended up with IONOS when I was back in Idaho more than a decade ago. I started BusDriverJim with an outfit down in Utah Mormon land, called BlueHost. They ran a script that detected every site that dropped an F-bomb, and started giving them shit. You can guess what I said!

So here we are, I'm still blogging and I'm in the process of backing off a lot of my domain names. But I need to break the pathetic habit of sending new blog post links out to my friends.

If you have read this far, thanks. This is the last new post text I will send to you. Unless you specifically ask me to. I've been looking at the hit counts for my posts, and a lot of people follow my stuff, way more then my small little contact list.

I love all of you.

I just got off a long phone conversation with Stephanie, my ex. We talked about great things but the most amazing moment came to memory as we were standing on the back deck of the company we both worked for, under an umbrella I was holding in the rain, and she looked up at me.

She was the bubbling front person for ATC Vancom as they walked in, and I was the lead transit supervisor. The look was I really love you, you know?

We were together for twenty years at least, from that moment on. She helped me raise Riley, we ended up in Teton Valley, Idaho for years, and eventually landed here in Tennessee.

We are no longer together. She is up North, loving her grand-babies, but today we had a great talk on the phone.

Everything is OK...

Grand-daughter Taylor just sent some cute shots of her twins. According to her text (Lucinda Jo is superman/tan and big headed. Lorelei Harper is Batman/pale and small headed). Here you go, very cute:

Twins run in the family. I have some twin grandkids, and my nephew Brian is a twin.

I think my nephew Brian, driven by a force out of our control, picked a perfect gift for Ariella. It was a stuffed cat in a sleeping bag. I was right there as she opened it, and the ohhhs and ahhhs to her reaction, were palpable.

Jess just posted some recent shots showing Ariella holding the cat, so I grabbed them. She said the baby loves it, and plays with it every day.

I then texted Jess reminding her of the teddy bear I was given when I was born, and I still have to this day, over decades of living. She gets it.

My grand-daughter Taylor just delivered her twins in an emergency c-section. They're premature so they are in ICU, but they will be just fine. She's living up in Minnesota and doing well, but I'm waiting till next summer to go visit.

The Hamilton last name continues to expand. I have 14 grandkids, eight of them I have never met. They are all adults now, and some of them may have kids of their own.

Anyway, welcome to the world girls!

I have spent the morning feeding peanuts to my little buddy Chipper.