Who Am I? This question permeates every movement I make forward in this moment called life. It doesn't matter who I was in the past, that's done, history. The past now defines me as just a raw field of energy and knowledge, surviving here in Tennessee as an old male human.

My emotions fluctuate between sad and happy. My sexual feelings have been driving and confusing me, and that cool wagon I rode on for eleven days down to Tampa has been swept into the fucking Bay.

I've got a little bag of local bud that I'm using to break on through to the other side. Tomorrow's poker party should finish that off, and that's fine.

This marks the fifth consecutive year I've been facing the Holidays here in early November. I've faced it better, and much worse, and now I'm just hoping for a smooth survival time back into Spring.

Other than that, I'm nice, loving, peaceful, thoughtful, emotional, and intelligent.

I sometimes wish I had someone to share this adventure with, but that's just crazy talk. I'm way too far gone for that to work.

So, this is me...