I'm back home from that little drive down to Tampa, FL. I left there early yesterday morning and drove a bunch. Half way up I75 South of Atlanta my electronics bit the dust. It all boiled down to the charger plugin outlet that feeds everything, and it was hot.

I pulled into a Rest Area and discovered that I actually do have my act together. Inside my glove box was a full fuse kit with a plastic extractor. I found the burnt fuse, popped a 15amp back in there, and down the highway I rolled, charging everything again.

I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go and kept playing different scenarios out on my GPS as I drove North. I remembered a little club up in Chattanooga that had a quiet spot in the back to crash for the night, so I headed there.

As the place was shutting down I talked to the boss and told him I had a bit to drink and was going to crash in his gated yard, and he said fine. But I couldn't sleep on my bed in the back because it was wet.

So I grabbed a blanket and my pillow and hunkered down in the drivers seat. After a while I woke up and drove my ass home. I just barely found a gas station open and damned if I didn't make it!

So here I am, home again. It's 0245 the day after Halloween. I was going to hit the beach yesterday with Shelby and setup a candy dispensary from her garage. I have absolutely no regrets bailing on my amazing grand-daughter, because she had amazing things to do. And entertaining me was in the way of everything.

It's really good to be home.

Update: It's really good to be awake! Apparently I passed out here in my chair a few hours ago. I guess I should get this post up now, while I can...