Man, what is it about me, why do I attract men who want to get me stoned? Today we're having an amazing time at Secret Beach, I'm dancing in the sand to some fine rhythm coming from the nearby bar when this Rastafarian dude walks up with a superbly rolled joint of local shit and passes it smoothly into my hand while introducing himself as the King.

He flashed on Brian's "Dive Bar" tee shirt and said if we hit that place tonight, to mention we hung with the King. Works for me!

Speaking of men, a bunch of gay guys from the U.K. hit on me when I passed their table in the ocean (yea...), it was fun, but not quite as much fun as marveling how a string can completely disappear from a bikini on a bubble butt.

We took care of business this morning, bought our tickets for a short hop to the Belize airport tomorrow and then took a negative Covid test, heading out for dinner now...