These days a simple and easy to remember website is like a virtual business card. Recently I was talking to a couple on a plane and I said in parting, drop by my blog! Later on if they remember the Old Man named Jim on the plane, they will remember my blog.

From the site they can learn a lot about me and extract my email address if they wished to connect. If I had a business and was promoting something I would have my phone number and address there also, but I am not.

I believe my assessment that the Covid vaccine affected my ability to concentrate, thus unable to write code since, was correct. Fortunately, it's effect is declining and my code writing is returning.

Yesterday I woke up with an idea to strip my RideQue app down into a simple vanity page, and since my friend Crissinda is helping me find a cat sitter, and she has a small business, I chose her for the first implementation. The first step was to find a cool domain name with a .com extension. Gee, guess what I found, and bought for $10: How cool is that!

I trust your getting the concept here. Now, when she meets a new contact, instead of handing them a business card she simply says go to I guarantee you, they will be impressed!

So how did it turn out after a major coding session? Here you go: It's still under development, but ready for a look.

btw: Shelby and Brian, you're next if you would like.