For an old guy with tons of world experience, I now find myself out of touch with the good things in life, like Lainey Wilson, and the Twin Peaks restaurant chain.

I rode with Daniel up to Brentwood, TN this morning to pick up a sleep study kit, and we had lunch and drinks at the tittie bar called Twin Peaks, down the road in Cool Springs.

It was more of a cleavage joint with a little ass cheek, but the drinks and food were good, and the vibes fine. I chatted up the guy to my left and he turned out to be a local chiropractor. I shared a couple stories with him and then the food arrived.

We noted the absence of women here, just mostly young to middle aged men, trying to be sexy. Two women replaced the chiropractor, and we determined that they were gay by the way the hot blond in cutoff shorts threw their coasters at them.

Daniel noted that we men had our drink coasters carefully placed in front of us, while those ladies had theirs casually tossed across the bar. He thinks it's a secret gay code, that only women understand.

I then proceeded to tell him about the greatest strip club I've ever been to in my life. It was along the Coast Highway in Oregon, South of Portland, in the seventies. It was a converted old Cafe, with a big counter in the middle, and chairs wrapped all the way around. The counter had been raised up so you could rest your arms on it.

It was a warm Summer day as the Sun filtered in upon the hot raised counter. The bartender women worked the stage, got your drinks, and then the hot young college girls emerged from a dark curtain on the right.

They began squirming along the counter clockwise, completely naked, on their back, with their legs spread.

You couldn't touch them and they were right in your face! Tits and pussy, and your job was to tip. They just kept on squirming on by, until I ran out of tips.

But I digress...