Perhaps you might get a kick out of how a wired dude such as myself plans a trip to Belize:

The day before my flight from Nashville to Miami I'll log in to American Airlines and print my boarding pass for the 6:15am flight.

I'll leave the house at 3:45pm and drop Piper off at the Northside Vet at 4pm for six days of boarding at $25 a day, reservation is made.

Then I'll drive 60 miles to the big T/A Travel Center off Hwy 65, Exit 61, where I have booked and paid for a $20 parking spot for the evening. I just call a number when I'm almost there and someone will guide me to my spot. These are big truck parking areas where I'll pull out my folding chair, grab a bite at the store and kick back and relax.

After a good nights sleep inside my canopy I'll grab some coffee at the travel center store about 2:30am and then mosey 30 miles up the road to Fly Away Parking where they're expecting me at 3:30am. My reservation both ways to the airport nearby is paid for ($62), and I just scan my code to get in, park my truck, and they drive me straight to the A/A airport entrance.

After a two hour layover in Miami (been there, done that) I'll fly to Belize. I'm going to miss the 1200 ferry over to the island we're staying at so I'll have to spend a couple hours in Belize City until the 3pm ferry. Darn, what am I going to do. :-)

The ferry ride is 45 minutes and I'll check into the Caye Caulker Condos, where my room is booked for three nights. Brian and Nadia should already be checked into the Seadreams Hotel next door, we'll hook up, and let the party begin!