I love my new Google Pixel 8 Pro. It's funny, you would think that a man who has been involved with creating new technology for many decades, would figure out his cell phone sooner, but that has not been the case.

I started out with this beautiful thing having to scan my face, along with my right index finger from multiple angles, and then enter a four digit pin number.

So, to get to my phone I had to press a specific spot on the screen with my right index finger, and then enter a four digit pin if the camera didn't recognize my face.

What a piece of crap this is! So, if my phone was lost or stolen, this high level of security is going to keep me safe! I suppose some cracker could do you harm before you could shut everything down, but that's not likely.

I don't have any Scan To Pay apps installed and I just don't use it for financial stuff. My phone has become something I always perceived, but I never thought I would meet. I love it for what it is and I am so glad I lived this long to have it.

Anyway, I have disabled all security on my phone. No more fingerprint checking, no more four digit codes. I have several levels of computers, from my mainframe coding monster in the back room, to my tablets and phone, which all reach my laptop, the bond that ties everything together...

The bottom line is, I now pick up my phone that went into dark home mode, thirty seconds after I last set her down, and then she sees my face and wakes up!

Hmmm, like I said, glad to be alive...

Update: I think it will work on any face, which means I have zero security. I'll test it out the next time I see a human face. If it's limited to just my face, that would be amazing. This also means her front facing camera is on all the time...

I walked out with my phone in the screen lock position and asked our lovely mail lady to help me. I held it up to her face, with sunglasses on, and it unlocked. I pushed the button to force it to the lock screen, and tried again, yep opened right up.

So I have absolutly no security, but it sure is neat to open this thing up just by looking at it.