What an interesting time as Steph and I packed up our possessions in Kent, WA and headed East, with Riley on our tail in the Mazda. I was the transit supervisor, across two large King County outfits, stepping down for an opportunity to unwind in Teton Valley, Idaho and Steph was the mother of two, scattered across dimensions and tagging along with love.

We lived there twelve years, in a beautiful log home. The first year I took a local job as a paratransit driver and ended up doing that until we left, three years ago. Steph mastered everything she touched from the Teton Valley News to Tolbert's Hardwood Flooring and Suburban Propane.

Now, here we are in Tennessee. Steph wipes down baby asses and works at the Dollar General. I have this blog and spend most of my time yelling at Piper to keep her tail out of my fucking drink.

But, I have a passport, a double covid card, and a June hotel reservation for Caye Caulker, Belize. I'm just an old guy moving through life, until I don't. Please wish me well.