Just thought I'd post a followup to Sunday, like anyone really gives a flying, but hey, it's my platform and I'll say what I want.

I woke up this morning and realized all I had to eat in the house was eggs and beans, so I whipped myself up a scrambled egg bean thing. Daniel came over at 0800 with a drink in his cup, and I said what the fuck, and joined him.

He's been talking about our new local bbq place called Hinies, and their Sunday brunch with a build your own Bloody Mary bar. You get a big shot of vodka to mix with an amazing array of goodies that you could make a meal out of.

I'm going there next Sunday, if god gives me another week, but I wasn't up to leaving the house today and told him to go enjoy it with his wife, which he did.

Daniel and Jennifer have a complicated relationship. They live in sperate houses, love each other, but share different priorities sometimes. Like today, he wanted to walk next door and watch football with OldManJim after their brunch, and he did. Jen is certainly welcome in my little house but she don't like football, and finds me to be a questionable human being, so she went home.

So Daniel and I drank whisky and mixed drinks, yelling at the Titans on my big screen to get their act together, and played poker. We cooked up half a rack of those ribs on my stove, and he just went home to sleep.

So now I'm left to reflect on my life. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and I haven't figured a damn thing out yet. I had chest pains this morning and wondered if this was it.

I asked Daniel if I dropped dead in my chair, what was his game plan. He said no "mouth to mouth", but he would call 911, Riley, and Shelby, from my phone. God I would hate to disrupt my two favorite people in the world's lives at his moment, so I better stay alive!

I can't say the same about the Tennessee Titans...