Products we buy in the store are shrinking by volume, count and weight, while costing way more from a couple of years ago. Don't know why I felt obliged to write that, as if you didn't know.

My great $400 rent has also had two $50 raises in that time. Gas? NetFlix? Prime 2 day shipping turning into 7 or more? nuff said!

Yet some things don't cost nuttin, like this cool Titans blanket that a Secret Santa left for me last night. At least that's what I thought until Daniel told me he brought it over, after seeing me sitting in my chair with the super heavy goose down jacket on, that I brought from the mountains of Idaho.

The blanket is now slung over my chair and feels nice. Meanwhile I'm still in full insulation mode, with the gas heater off, just trying to keep my bill down.

Don't know if this a gift or not, find out later. Probably. Daniel knows he gets the chairs, and everything on them, when I die from hypothermia, real soon now...