I was standing at my sink this afternoon, melting my face because I can, and I'm also a grown ass man making my own choices, that don't affect anybody but me.

Then I thought of Skoge. My buddy, my long standing friend, we shared houses together over the decades, she's seen me through every major relationship I've had since, and we met in 1971. She's three months older than me.

So, I thought how nice it would be to have a phone conversation with her, as I sit here peacefully in Tennessee with my front door open, on my dead end street, fan on, and my feet kicked up.

The problem was, Skoge and I have not been in a phone conversation for a very long time, just social media. The last time I saw her and Grant, was maybe ten years ago, or more, in San Francisco. Now they live in Sacramento.

So I went on facebook, clicked on her name, went into messaging and said call me, then left my number.

One minute later baby, the call came in! I bitch about FB all the time, but at moments like this, it shines!

We had a great talk, it was like sitting right there on the couch with her, passing around a joint, which is now legal in her neck of the woods, thank you.

Love you Skoge,


btw: Sherry's last name is Skogen, thus the nickname Skoge. My nickname was somewhat more complicated. For some reason I ended up with Hymie Lopez, aka: Lopes.