When in doubt, shout, when in pain, don't complain. I've been running around Alabama this morning and I realized my shoulder felt ok today. I never mention the good days so y'all may think I'm in constant pain, and that's not the case.

I can usually find the right combination of meds and mellowers to settle that bad boy down to the point I can forget it's there. There's just some things that can trigger an episode, like when I rubbed Daniel's back a few nights ago.

Yea, it was kinda weird, my neighbor Daniel and I don't have a touchy feely friendship. But he was sitting in his chair wincing in back pain saying "It needs to be pushed up out of my back". I said "What can I do" and then he took off shirt, layed on the floor, and shouted "Push it up!"

So I grabbed my foam pushup pad and walked over to him, all spread out, my shotgun a foot from his head. I placed the pad up against his side, put my knees on it, then put my hands together at the base of his spine.

Now, I rarely feel Daniels back at all, unless he's helping me up after falling, and sometimes he never helps me up, I have to do it myself, but I digress.

So to be in this situation with my bare hands on my friends bare back, was surreal. I shouted "Get the fuck out of Daniel's back!" and proceeded to put the full weight of my upper body onto my hands, pushed down hard on his back, then moved them slowly up his spine, all the way to his neck, Yelling "Out, Out, Out..."

From below me, my tough, gun toting friend was moaning like a baby. I can't swear that he was also shouting "Oh Yes!, Oh Yes!", but it kinda sticks in my craw. Anyway, I thought this was going to be a one-off thing, mission accomplished, pain pushed from the back!

Oh no, as I was getting up from the pad, he shouted "Do it again!"

Now wait a minute. I just performed the most magnificent back pain exorcism in the history of humanity, and now you want me to be your masseuse?

I made a couple more passes up his back, because it helped him, without the gusto. I then felt my shoulder hurting and realized I had hurt myself, to help a friend with his pain. That's what friends do.