Ahh, a nice little Saturday afternoon Veterans Day at the end of a dead end street in the Deep South.

The front door is wide open, my neighbor Daniel is refreshing his drink next door, and all I can think about is my unfulfilled self. How do you fulfill something that's so deep, and honestly unknown, to yourself?

Daniel is back and now we're watching Tennessee v Missouri. He and his fucking college football fetish keeps me under control for a little while. He's gone now.

Hey, this Red Straw day is getting on! Riley just texted me some old pics of me and hey, I looked pretty hot back then, and he was so young!

It's almost 1800 here on Lee St. There is no Saturday night poker game going on, with this beautiful new chip set. I guess I've gone too far on this friendship thing that was growing on me...

Now it's 2130, and as I look around my little neighborhood, I see peace. It looks like my neighbor Drew is getting laid, that's really good, he's a good dad and desersves some fun time. Daniel has gone to bed, I think... He may resurface.

My life is near nothing. Friday just means there's new Bosch episodes on NetFlix. I hate Saturday, everyone is running around doing all of their down home important country shit.

Sunday is football, sometimes, I've yet to see the Titans new young QB play. I don't go to Church.

And then I start the week, an entity of five that I embrace as one. A place where memory and time are melted down into daily blog posts.

If I didn't write I wouldn't remember my life as it stands, I can go back in time to any day in my decades of blogging, and relive it.

Most every day of my life for the last eleven or more years is at my fingertips in this amazing database called the Internet.

Here's to Saturday, Nov 11, 2023!