My 1988 Mazda B2200 Extended Cab with a Weber Carb and a header, is having issues.

She was purring like a kitten this Summer, until one day I couldn't keep her running and turned around from the Square and drove her home, barely making it. I had her towed to my mechanic up the road and he rebuilt the carb. He also noticed that the rotor cap was loose, so he tightened it.

When I got her home she was still running rough, but driveable, so I put a top quality Napa cap and rotor on, which helped. My mechanic has adjusted the carb twice now, to no avail.

Ok, here's what I think happened. With the rotor cap loose, the engine wasn't timing right, and I didn't help anything by forcing her home. Everything on top is fine, including the carb, but I think I damaged my valves.

Valves are defined as: Mechanical components used in internal combustion engines to allow or restrict the flow of fluid or gas to and from the combustion chambers or cylinders during engine operation.

A valve job is defined as: A ton of money to get her done, well over a grand.

My poor baby...

Here's another B2200 with a Weber carb and a header. Notice the shiny head, the valves are under there.

Hmmm, I have a shiny bald head, maybe my brain valves are damaged, that would explain everything. I need a valve job!