I try hard to be an environmentally friendly human, but I'm far from perfect. Once a year I take all the Krogers plastic bags that I've stashed, back for recycling. I was using the large water dispenser system, dumping the empties back into their bin at Kroger, but they became unreliable.

Drinking the tap water here is not an option for me, so I buy Deer Park spring water in jugs. Some I keep in my fridge for drinking, others out for cooking. And I feel bad when they end up my trash can!

I also use plastic straws for my drink, because the paper ones don't hold up. I buy these bags of multi-colored flex straws, and the color I pull out each late morning is a sign of how my day goes, and ends.

Blues and Greens usually indicate that I'm getting out to the Park that day. Yellows and Purples suggest a three to four Posts day.

Red means my chips are all in to the Poker game of Life. The hands are showing and the winner is obvious, and I get to choose the one I want. I've drawn Red the last two days, and I didn't win the pot yesterday.

So, I put plastic water bottles, tall white garbage bags, and straws, into the landfill. Their might be a plastic recycler around, but my place is small, where am I going to keep a growing collection of empty water bottles. I'm not.

I wish the city would provide a special container that we kept up against the house until it's full of plastic, then haul it out to the curb on recycling day. Since we don't, I lay the plastic induction into the land fill they manage, on them.