In an attempt to get my tremors under control, along with a few other issues that have popped up in the last three years, I've accumulated a bunch of pills taking space in the back of my icebox.

I'm not a pill guy, I would try them out briefly to no effect, or a negative effect, and then stop. Today I decided to get rid of them so I dumped them all out on my counter and tossed the bottles.

Then I took them out and placed them under the front tire of my truck and ran over them a bunch of times.

I guess my truck is too light because it didn't work well.

So I got out grandpas hammer and pounded the shit out of them.

Now what? I thought about burying them away from the creek where it would take a long time for them to reach the water supply, and hopefully inept at that point, but I'm not sure...

Update: Thanks to advice from Jessica I threw the powder into my kitchen garbage bag and put it in my outside garbage can. Let the landfill disolve it.