As the story goes, four people were sitting around a round table when a question arose from the gray mist: If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be.

As each word of truth came forward, the surprising small hands of the sole woman at the table, created this. But, to be honest here, the word Dick did not come from Chris's mouth, it came from the Bitch's mouth. He did not get a chance to get his word out, because she inserted it and passed him on by, because she's, you know, The Bitch.

It's interesting how one word can come blasting from your brain, one word to define yourself. It's also interesting how your friends perceive themselves. I don't agree with any of their perceptions, and hopefully they don't agree with mine.

What is your word, my friend the Dick, we can update this document!

Update: Dick has been changed to Limited.