My favorite grand-daughter Shelby and I have been discussing Thanksgiving. She has an invite to Fort Lauderdale that she could take her old grandpa to, or we could hookup with Homer down in Pensacola.

I spent an amazing Thanksgiving a few years back with Shelby and Homer. They cooked a great Turkey and Fixins, in her place, while I loved on my great-grand-daughter Prudence. We ended up later that evening at the hottest party in Pensacola.

Homer Jolly was a well known local artist at the time. Now he's a famous one, and he designed and created the new Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo along the way. What I'm saying is, Thanksgiving with Homer could be much fun.

Either way it goes, I'm getting out of town and spending it with Shelby, and wherever we land, I'll have my cool poker case with me, and a beautiful lady on my arm.