I was born without teeth and I'll die without them. I came up with that phrase yesterday afternoon with my friend Stormy, and I had the chance to use it over dinner later.

Shelby, Stormy and I met her friends (and now mine) at a steak house for dinner last evening. This was the couple who showed up for the move and they are wonderful. They have a nine year old daughter that bonded with me over games on her phone.

He's a career marine and she was stunning in a dress from a previous event. As the Happy Hour call rolled around I ordered a double vodka water, house. I toasted the group and announced that I had been sober for eleven days, just to meet them, and present Shelby's grand-father in a decent light. They cheered, and toasted. The run is over.

Shelby, Stormy and I played Poker later on in her new living room, and I think I beat them, but I'm not sure, probably neither are they...