I was sleeping soundly in my truck canopy last night when a text came across my phone at 0244. Lately I leave my do not disturb mode off because nobody texts me at night. So I ignored it.

That didn't last long and I started to wake up wondering who it was. Finally I turned over and grabbed my phone, it was my son Riley from Seattle. Now there's a three hour difference there to here on the East Coast, so it was 1144 his time, on a Saturday night.

He's an amazing hard working man, and he has Sunday off, so I figured he was enjoying himself with a well deserved drink or two. I picked up the phone and clicked on the text. It read:

Hey dad hope your having a good time in Florida! Question... What is the spelling for your first name? Is it Lee? Or spelled differently

I responded groggily, Leigh. He texted: Thank you! What are you doing up? Lol and I said: Sleeping in my truck

At this point I thought he was going to get the fact that I was sleeping in my truck, but no.

He wrote: Nice! Another question... What's shelbys middle name?

At this point I was awake and laughing, and replied: I don't know, I'll ask her in the morning. Love you, goodnight.

Ok love you too dad