Man it's been an interesting few days leading up to today, Christmas. I was sitting out by the pool with a drink in hand trying to see either Florida or Cuba and all I saw were big tits and fine asses.

So, I decided to go to my room and get a post up, and here we are.

My new mantra has been get home alive and on time due to the fact that some shit going around knocked me on my butt. I ain't sayin it's the C because there's no way I'm going to get tested here on this boat and go into lockdown. Sorry folks ain't happenin.

In the meantime I've continued to have a great time and this evening only promises more, so hang on! Meeting Shelbs at the tubs shortly (even though I've been there and done that today :-) and who the hell knows what tonight will bring before we get kicked off the boat tomorrow...

You know the drill, click the photo below to see the set.