I just got back from a little jaunt over to Myrtle Beach, SC for a fresh fish sandwich. It was OK, came with extra hush puppies, a homemade chocolate chip cookie and a hug. I really wanted to get down to the water, put my toes in and take a picture, but I didn't make it. I tried approaching the Atlantic Ocean from south of town but the private home owners had taken over all the sand and by the time I found a public beach all thirty or so parking spots were taken along with ominous signs about not parking illegally. I said screw it and drove to Atlanta, GA.

I pulled into Atlanta just as the sun was going down, about 8:30pm. It's a big damned town with tall skyscrapers towering over the freeway that runs through it. There were also thousands of cars on the road, I assume a Braves game must have just ended, and there was a torrential thunderstorm with lightning and hail going on. Oh well, I wanted adventure, as long as I could survive it and write about it the next day...

All told it was a fun little trip. I made it through States I've never been to before and the vibes were good. I travel with the window down, no A/C, and the one thing that distinguished one State from another was it's smell. This is a very hard property to quantify, but it was real for me.

I didn't take any photos but I did grab the camera to shoot a video clip of the countryside coming into southern Tennessee this morning: