I told my doctor Christine that I went eleven days in a row last month without drinking. I also told her I canceled the liver ultrasound she had scheduled last month, so she drew some more blood today.

Gee, after those Crown Royal shots last night, I'll bet that's a pretty result!

The reality is, something is going to kill me eventually. So, if the ultrasound showed my liver hanging by a thread, what are they going to do? Cut my back open and give me a new one?

I actually don't think my liver is going to take me out. I've been drinking for almost sixty years and my sweet little liver has learned how to adapt.

My biggest concern is the arthritis in my right shoulder/arm. People that make their living using particular body parts suffer from this disorder. I used that arm to write great code over decades, others suffer from knee issues, like my auto body son, and everyone else that works is at risk of the same.

So I talked drugs with my doctor. I told her that Celebrex works, just make it stronger, and she bumped it up to 200. It maxes out at 400 and I will probably reach that some day.

I stopped by Walgreen's after a trip to the Park and they said it wasn't ready, come back in a couple hours. Then I came home and started writing this, and a text arrived saying it was ready, wtf.

So, if you've read this far, picture this. I'm sitting in my little house, door open on a cold day because I have my warm stuff on, writing this while getting drunker, and I need my new meds bad, but I can't drive anymore.

Hah! I'm actually laughing at the situation. Maybe Daniel will take me up to the drive thru after work, or I'll down a bunch of Ibuprofin and get through the night.

Just another day being OldManJim...