It was all hands on deck this morning as we unloaded Shelby's stuff from the U-Haul. The photo below only represents the kitchen and partial living room areas, there's still a bunch of stuff upstairs in the bedroom and down in the garage.

Her co-worker and boss came over with his wife and nine year old daughter. The wife is one of Shelby's closest friends and they all chipped in with the move. Earlier the guy Shelby hired to help with the move showed up, and he and her competitive body builder buddy Stormy got the heavy lifting done.

Meanwhile the Stairs Pussy did his share of stair climbing with lighter stuff. Shelbs and Stormy are now off to Walmart to buy a big TV because her 40" broke in transit. They'll use the U-Haul to get it back here, and then drop the truck off.

Shelby is juggling two jobs, her DC job for a couple of months, and this new one as a defense contractor, along with unpacking all of this stuff to make a new home.

Later this evening were all going out for miniature golf and dinner. Tampa is one hell of a fine Florida city, everyone drives fast and lives big. Shelby offered to turn her garage into a studio apartment for me, but I had to politely decline.

Hey, they just showed back up with a 65" LG from Walmart, for $492 after taxes. It's a beauty!