I think the Powerball Lottery is rigged. They know the numbers of every ticket sold, stored on their big computers. That's why they can announce that a winning ticket was sold at a particular store in a particular state.

So, armed with all that info, they "draw" numbers that don't match up fully with any of them. This allows the jackpot to rise into the billions, which brings out folks that would normally not play, and they rake in huge profits.

They will allow a few million dollar winners to keep people excited, but that's chump change.

When I checked the numbers in the morning for the most recent drawing, the site said there was a delay in the process. Apparently one State had an issue with reporting, so they had to pause everything to get back on track.

I researched it and discovered that State was California. The winning ticket showed up a few hours later in, wait for it, California.

Just sayin...