It was a tough morning, with pain sabers diving through my shoulder, and I was heading to the Store, when my friend Limited drove up.

He had an Acer Chrome book in basic Set Me Up mode, so I did my thing on it and turned it into a new vibrant laptop for the guy, with links to the Quality Assurance job he's going for here in Lawrence County, TN.

It's a new fresh tool that he can use to bypass the clutter of the 500 apps running on his seven phones all at the same time...

I need to change my group name from Pussy to Liberator.

Chris stays with Limited

Daniel stays with Asshole

And Tami stays Bitch, by default, because she said "Fuck both you guys" when I told her, on Limited's phone, that of course we're not alone, we got five hot bitches here. Then she hung up on me before I could say, just kidding...

It's been a fun uplifting Friday, and I'm now the Liberator!

Lim hung out here through the afternoon, raging wild rants against the big phone companies, over his phone that was near death, into the ears of a women that represented them, from the Philippines.

It took the poor girl almost twenty minutes to realize she was being hit on by a crazy American from the deep South. I was writing this Post while hearing this go down, and I figured it out. She gets paid by the minute while she's on the phone with a client, but she's not opposed to talking to a Southern Gentleman off the clock, and I suggested this to Limited.

Finally, at one magical moment, Lim asked her to call him back and she paused from her persistant company rant, and said Yes.

As the night went quiet, the outside world became dark, and Limited's cell phone rang, the ultimate question was finally answered. I am the fucking Liberator!