I encountered Melissa and Michael at the gym today. They were on the treadmill as I walked in, and wouldn't make eye contact. I saw my favorite machines open and started my workout.

After rotating around the gym, Melissa walked by me, and I came up behind her and called out her name, three times. She totally blew me off and kept on walking. It was impressive. I said OK, and backed off.

I finished my workout with a good treadmill session, and split.

What I wanted to say to her, was that I was sorry for everything. I'm an old asshole who gets his feelings hurt easily. I regret my reactions, I wanted to shake her hand and tell her good luck in life.

Instead I got ignored, like a worthless piece of shit.

Ok, I get it. There is no reconciliation here, they hate me so much. Steph watches the kids while they work out, and then goes to work. I guess it's time to finally move on from Summertown, and get on with my life.

And just pretend they don't exist at the gym...

Update from Mellisa:

Checked your blog. Sorry if it seemed like I ignored you, I wear wireless headphones and cannot hear with them in. I told you I wouldn't bother you, so I let you be. Apologies if it seemed like I was Ignoring you, I did not hear you. Look, I forgive you. Shit happens and we can all do things in life that hurt other people's feelings. I don't hate you. I am extremely protective of my children and what happened with dillan made momma bear come out. He's an amazing young man despite what we went through with Chris early in his life... he's not perfect but I love and cherish him. As far as what happened, it's water under the bridge. You can be at peace with that situation.

Thank you for the kind response. Sorry I mis-understood.