So there it was, and then I lost the thought. Happens all the time, lately.

Amazing ideas flowing from my brain, trying to make it into words here, before they're lost, forever.

Just made my old geezers cocktail, I call it the vodkalax.

I write Posts sometimes, that I think are brilliant, then blush and remove them as fast as I can. I've been blogging since the nineties and that's always been the case. Sometimes you get too real, and you need to back off.

Suddenly everyone here is my cousin, better not make any babies with them.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with Liz and Maddie in the basement of a church, shortly. I have not enjoyed a turkey meal with friends, in a couple of years, and looking forward to it.

Christmas, on the other hand... I spent the last one in the middle of the Caribbean with Shelby and Andy, had a fine time, and didn't sing a single carol all through the cruise.

This one, not sure, maybe get my daughter out here.

And I just got an invite to Farmer Katy's home for Thanksgiving Dinner next year! Wow, can you imagine that experience, where everything is grown and raised on their farm. Thank you Katy.