I had a hot lunch date with my sizzling young woman friend named Shelby. The old guys around me couldn't pick their jaws up off the table, it was embarrassing.

We ate at a place called BJ's and I asked the waitress what that stood for, and all she could do is blush. The food was great, I ate some tasty salmon, and we had pot-stickers and other good things...

We got Stormy off to the airport on time while Shelby pulled off mandatory video office meetings at the same time. I just rode along wondering where my glasses went to last night. I finally found them in the basket that held the poker cards.

My overworked beautiful favorite grand-daughter is still hanging chill, with everything going down across two jobs. The kitchen needs to be unpacked, but life has it's priorities. She keeps sayin we're heading to the beach, but I'm up for just hanging here at the pool today.

Life is tough down here in Tampa Bay, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. I don't know when the fuck I'll actually head home.