Daniel and I had a great chat last night with my longtime friend Beryl and her daughter JudyAnn in Hawaii. It was evening for us and noon for them, and Beryl was off to work.

What a fun time! We exchanged photos and I have to say, Beryl with a few years on me, and her daughter in the background, look amazing!

And she's still working, at a jewelry store! And she has a home on the big island! I am so happy for them. Talk about landing well...

Meanwhile, Daniel and I did shots, again. He brought over a bottle called Jim Beam Devil's Cut. It's still sitting on my table here, at 0500, along with his main drink cup. It's dark out but I should walk over there in my robe and make sure he's not unconscious on the ground. Ok, I just did, and he's not.

I still have an invite to Hawaii, thank you Beryl. We've had a great history and if I could get my act together, I would love to go visit you.