I spent the night in Huntsville, AL just because I could, and I needed to stretch my new tires out a bit. Ate some crab cakes and fried onion rings at the Roadhouse.

I slept in my truck and left there at 0400, pulling onto my street at 0530. My phone rang immediately and Daniel said I wondered who in the hell would be coming down our street this early? Glad to see he's keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

The ducks were real hungry this morning and a huge flock of geese were in the lake. A few wondered up for the daily feeding. Normally you can't get this close to these wild birds, but watching the ducks eat out of my hand, they figured I was OK. And I was tossing them some Quack!

Also, for the first time since I started, I skipped looking for the grey cat in the Vet's wooded area. It just wasn't meant to be.