My friend what's his name, hell, the guy formally known as "Dick", and that's not in a formal name format, dropped by this morning, arguing in real time with the "Bitch" over his speaker phone, as he walked through my door.

Twice she wanted to hear my voice, to confirm that her man was not fucking some whore. The "Bitch" was threatening to destroy his prized collection of miniature cars, and wow, I love these two, especially when he turned to me and said "You want to get stoned?"

So here my day started in the depths of despair, and then my friend dropped by, and changed everything. He even spoke of that despair and then gave me that quizzical concerned look that implied "Are You suicidal?"

I told him "Fuck No!" I'm going to ride this train called Life until it runs out of tracks and nose dives into the sand. I may question my situation right now, but I value every second of it's existence!