I've been following Lisa Marie's passing, along with her daughter Riley. Imagine going through life as Elvis Presley's oldest grand-daughter! She's 33, three years younger than my boy Riley.

My fifteen grand-kids have me, the old broken down man on Lee St, to admire. Of which, only three do, the rest I have no contact with. Ariella, Riley's baby girl is an exception, since she really doesn't know me.

On last years one year old birthday visit, she looked at me like Who the hell is this guy, with the long goatee? I never even held her because I didn't want to freak her out further. I'm hopeful that will change.

As i was driving down the main highway this morning, here in Lawrenceburg, TN, I realized this is probably going to be the place where I die. There's no way I'm going to rent a u-haul, tow my truck behind, and move to somewhere else!

It may happen on a trip somewhere, but this is where I have landed. After all of the amazing adventures, careers and lovers, this is it!

I ain't Elvis, but I'm still a good man, who holds no resentments towards anyone...