I have only a few friends in this area, two of which were formed from working at Crockett Shoals Tubing. Three summers ago, Crissinda was the manager and Elizabeth was her assistant. Crissinda and I have formed a nice friendship since then, which her husband and kids allow me to share.

Elizabeth was the manager this summer, and I was reminded of her kindness and sharp wit, that I enjoyed a couple summer's back. She's also Madeline's favorite aunt, so that ranks high in my book.

Getting together with these ladies, evolves around food. I had that great catfish dinner with Elizabeth, her sister, and Maddie, and a soul food lunch with Crissinda, a while back.

This Thanksgiving, for the first time in a long time, I'm getting out of the house and spending it with Elizabeth and her people. I asked if I could bring anything, she replied "to go containers". And she has agreed to meet me for brunch in the Park next Sunday, finally, some company for that event!

Thank you ladies for being my friend! And yea, this 76 year old ex-hippy is hard to deal with sometimes, but you both have recognized that I am smart, and have a good heart.

btw: Daniel just told me that homminy is rotten corn, combined with lymestone and hardwood tree ashes. The slaves here in the South, along with the white poor, were forced to pick up that corn, and make a meal of it.

He also said a mess is a measureing unit of things in the South, like polk salad, the amount necessary to feed a family of four or five.

Polk Salad Annie:

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