I have nothing to eat here at my little house. I should have gone to Kroger and bought supplies but I headed South to Florence, AL instead. When I got back home I had no interest in anything but a cocktail or two, and a puff off the dwindling crumbs from a small plastic bag.

Daniel and I have been playing Poker with no stakes at my table, watching football on the big screen, with the volume turned off. He just came back from a drive up North to his Sleep Study place and managed to take his wife with him.

She was going to bail this morning so he and I could go, but I wasn't here, so she went. It sounds like they had a great time and I'm happy for them.

Daniel's wife Jennifer, puts up with me. We are not friends, even though I've tried. He's told me it's not me, ok. I've suggested getting her over here for a round of Poker to fill a third chair, but Daniel insists that ain't going to happen. Whatever...

I turned on my TV tonight and spotted Yellowstone being pumped into American society, in Prime Time, through the CBS commercial network. I just saw a hot sex scene there, that made me think what I would have thought at thirteen. God I can't imagine growing up in this current world!