I worked out the chip denominations of MY poker chip set. There are two white rows with slightly different chip block colors, screw that, they're both White and worth One single "Lee ST Buck" each.

Next up are two rows of slightly off color black chip blocks, which will both be Black, and worth Five bucks.

Finally, we have the green and the red rows. I'm thinking Ten bucks for green, and Twenty for red.

I actually have no idea how this is going to work out. It's a no cash in game so just divide the chips into three or four stacks, and see what the hell happens.

I'll update this post after the game...

Update: Limited and Bitch were a no show, fighting amongst themselves...

So, Daniel and I tossed the heavy chips around and played with ourselves.

He finally claimed he won, having taken all of the red chips he had won from me earlier, and plopped them down on an illegal bet as he was hiding his last drawn card to fill a straight. You can't do that, but this is fun poker, so I went all in, let's play the cards!

My two pair beat his failed straight, but he claimed that since I couldn't match his large stack of reds that he put on the table in an illegal manner, that he won.

So, I conceded the fucking card game, with no fucking hard feelings, to my next door neighbor fucking Daniel, whom I love.

As to the chip monetary test, the Ones were useless, never played. Maybe because this is a cashless test run.

And Lainey Wilson just took the CMA house down up in Nashville, I really like this girl!

And she just won Album of the Year, WTF?

And now she just won Female Vocalist of the Year, I'm in love...

And finally she took home the top prize, as Entertainer Of The Year.

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