Wow, the responsibility for the care of my cat is complicated sometimes. She lives the life of a feline princess, her next move always anticipated, and what she expects is usually there.

I love her completely and she is my partner, a process of many years together. Sometimes I feel her end is near, other times, hmmmph.

So what if I want to go travel? You know, pay my rent up, lock my little house down, and go?

I have two options: board her at the Vet in a cage, or have my new friend the cat sitter come by and supply her the basics twice a day while I'm gone. She hates the cage I must presume, but she always emerges intact and back to normal quickly.

In June I left her there for a week while I went to Belize, and she survived just fine.

But what if she died in the cage, or from the neglect of a twice a day visit, while I was on the road? The answer is, I'll see her on the other side!

Right now I'm sitting here at my computer writing this with the rain coming down good and my baby laying up here on the desk looking out the open window at the creek below, and life is ok...