Yesterday on the drive North, I went through the drive thru at a Burger King along I-24, and bought a Big Fish sandwich. I pulled ahead to a parking spot, ate it, then walked into the place to use the bathroom to clean up, then on down the road.

Within a minute of leaving, I got a text, supposedly from Burger King, wanting me to click a link with a bunch of funky characters in it, for some rewards. Here you go:

I really don't think Burger King hacked my phone for it's number, but it happened, so somebody did. Somebody near the Burger King, who could associate my particular visit there, with the cell phone sitting in the passenger seat of my truck!

And then text me a link, which I knew was bullshit. Unfortunately, a lot of folks would just see "Burger King Reward" right after leaving the place, and then click the fucking link. Suddenly they are screwed!

The more I think about it, our cell phones must be broadcasting our number, and the hackers have learned how to capture that number, and associate it with a geolocation! This is serious folks!