Between Customs and passports, it was difficult getting into Belize and it was downright comical getting out. How many times do you need to drop your mask, remove your shades and hat, just so they can verify you are who you are, again and again!

Then you put women behind the flight carrier microphones that barely speak English and they're doing it through a heavy tight mask, and you have no idea what they are saying. In Miami we were herded through lines that felt like a cows last walk down the chute to slaughter.

I decided to buy a drink at the Miami Airport (just one because I was driving home from Nashville) and they served my Vodka Water as a plastic cup with water and ice along with a shot glass of their house vodka (Absolute). The $14.65 tab would have covered an evening of drinking in Belize. Never again.

Just got home after a drive south and all is well. Brian and Nadia on the other hand missed their flight to Jackson, Wy because of the Customs, Covid re-entry crap.

Ok, this adventure is over for me, and I can't wait to get my baby Piper out of Vet boarding hell tomorrow.