I'm trying to access my next move, but I'm not seeing it. Survival is always good I suppose, while I watch the wagon roll on down the road without me. Thank god it's the season and my two favorite holidays are coming up, and I've already set a precedent by spending Halloween in a Chattanooga nightclub. And I trust that anyone that knows me in the slightest spots the facetiousness in that favorite holiday crap.

My auto insurance continues to go up, even though I've never filed a claim with Farmers in thirty years. I guess my agent needs that $30 to have lunch with my landlord, who also raised my rent by $25. When you live on a fixed income there ain't nobody or nothin you can raise to make up for it. But hey, look at all of the benefits I'm gaining for the money!

When you get old, life becomes a lose lose situation. The best thing I can say about my life, is that I still have a platform to bitch about it from. One day I'll have pissed off or bored the very last person who bothers to read this blog, at which point this thing will be done.