I did time in Alcatraz Prison, the island out in San Francisco Bay. Al Scarface Capone and Robert Birdman of Alcatraz Stroud were there. They called it The Rock and nobody ever escaped but me. I spent a day and bribed a boat owner to get me off the island.

I also escaped a knife wielding mugger in the baddest part of San Francisco called The Tenderloin by taking off and out running him.

I did pure Meth in the Haight Ashbury in it's prime and would have died in Golden Gate Park had my brother not rescued me.

I lived with my friend Sherry for a few months in Michael Cottens flat downtown. He was the keyboard player for the rock band The Tubes and they were on the road.

I saved Interocean Steamship from bankruptcy, after they lost the code I wrote from a backup accident.

I had a reserved seat at the coolest topless club in town while I lived across The Bay in Oakland, where I bought one of the first IBM PC's to hit the market.

Unfortunately, The City is dead now. I wondered over there one Summer to see Sherry and Grant while I lived in Idaho. The place has since gone to hell, and they moved to Sacramento.

I have grand and great grandkids living in the Bay Area, that I know I will never see. Brian and I made it to Oregon last year, but that's the closest I will make it back to California. Sorry Skoge.

So the biggest trip I have planned now, is to Pensacola, FL this Summer, unless I surprise myself with an adventure...