Here it comes again! A couple of years ago I was on a cruise boat for Christmas and now I honestly can't remember what I did last year. Let me look it up... Hmmm, nothing, hung around the house and wrote a poem.

Maybe I should put up a little tree here in the house this year. Run some lights to it, the flashing kind, I like those, and put some pretty ornaments on it.

Get into the spirit! Buy some fake little present boxes and place them around the base. Put a thingie up on the tip and sprinkle that glittery string all over.

Hang a stocking nearby! Hey, you never know what's going to show up in it on Christmas morning. God spoke to me once and empowered my life, and I still hear Piper's soft meows from the other side. So anything is possible.

I could always drive to Tampa and squeeze into grand-daughter Shelby's plans, but I'm thinking of just hunkering down. My old legs are getting wobbly...