I was sitting in a Dairy Queen the other day, having a chili cheese dog for lunch, when a bunch of Tennessee state troopers came in to eat. I thought about walking over to ask them a question that has bugged me for a while, but I didn't.

I've been driving for sixty years, started at sixteen, and I use my turn signals religiously out of habit. In fact it bugs the shit out of me when people don't!

But what if you come to a four way stop, to make a right or left turn, and there is absolutely nobody around you that would be impacted by you flipping on your turn signal? Many times around here I've done that, only to think why.

If a cop was sitting in a parking lot observing that intersection, would he be justified in lighting you up and writing you a ticket? Technically it's the law, but are their exceptions to the rule?

I actually believe this is a truism of life. If the harmful actions you take affect no one but yourself, are they really bad? It's your life, your choices, and you should have the right to make them, without punishment...

For example, I love smoking pot. It mellows out my tremors and makes me creative. I currently don't have any, but wish I did. How is sitting in my little house puffing on a joint, not going anywhere, making the world a worse place than it is? It don't!

Law enforcement in a pot unfriendly state such as Tennessee, has the right to beat down your door, rip that joint from your mouth, and bestow all sorts of legal shit on you, if they chose to. The states that have legalized it are making huge sums of taxation revenue from sales, while personal consumption enforcement, has gone away.

What a mixed up, whacked out world we live in!

But I digress...