Riley just sent me a picture of his totaled Acura, thank god for airbags. I should have the ones in my old truck checked out. Oh, wait...

This was the vehicle that Riley let Brian and I drive all over the Northwest on our last trip. It was a great car, very sorry to see it die.

Hell I've had a big crack in my lower passenger side window for years now, that was the last time the road hit my truck. I was coming back to Idaho from a trip down to Arizona and construction brought traffic through Idaho Falls to a crawl.

I came upon a man made junction and I made the wrong choice, which sent me miles West on a freeway that I couldn't wait to get off of. That's when an object bounced off the road and hit my window.

I had replaced that window twice since owning my truck, and I was not happy. So, I just let it ride. Over the years I have kept an eye on it, but it expanded out to it's current state, and stopped.

If it was on the drivers side, hell yea the window would go, but since I have very few passengers as I drive down the road of life, fuck it.

So here's a couple of photos, sadly Riley's Acura, and my window with character.